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Please continue to keep in touch, 2020 has just begun and we look forward to all we have in store!

The Paun family is excited to announce the beginning of LAJAMARI Clay Company offering a variety of functional and decorative hand-made ceramics. Our artwork is a reflection of our lives growing up in a small border town in Arizona and has been inspired by the area’s deserts, mountains, and people. If you are in the area please contact us at our studio and take home something to remind you of the area’s beauty and charm.

Richard Paun

LAJAMARI Founder and Featured Artist

Born and raised in Douglas, AZ, Richard Paun is known for his simple forms and mission style ceramics. After receiving his Bachelors of Art Education and later receiving a Masters degree from Northern Arizona University, Paun went on to complete his career as an art educator, spanning over 25 years. During this time Paun also served as a wildland fire fighter with the USFS as well as a Behavioral Health Youth Specialist. Paun is now looking forward to teaming up with his family in an effort to express their appreciation of the area’s beauty and life growing up on the border.

Contact us!

1350 E 7th st

Douglas, AZ, 85607


(520) 727-1734

The name LAJAMARI combine the first two initials of the Paun family’s names; Lauren, Jake, Martha, and Richard. When you support our business, you too are a part of our family and our dream!

Love, The Paun Family
Jake, Richard, Martha, and Lauren

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